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It’s finally time for my second blog post in which I’ll be telling you about the best party outfits. But before I get started I would like to thank you all for such an overwhelming response to my previous article.
Let’s admit it, we all just live for the weekend. We’re always counting days till Friday as we can’t wait to finally break the monotony and let lose by going out to party.
In this article, I’ll help you overcome one of the only challenges we have on the weekend- the constant struggle of deciding what to wear to  a party. What you wear is a reflection of your inner self, so make sure you use parties as an opportunity to create a charming impression on others through your outfits.
It’s time to guide you to the party. Let’s get started.

1. Black tie

You can never go wrong with a black tie. It is a staple dress code for evening events and formal functions in the American and British culture.
Elements of black tie:-
  • white dress shirt
  • black bow tie
  • black tuxedo
  • waistband

If you’re one of the many people who gets confused while deciding weather or not you should wear a tuxedo to a particular event, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

The tux is a gentleman’s outfit which is reserved for the dressiest events on your calendar. You can pull out this outfit on various occasions like a formal event like a business party, a formal dance or a wedding reception.
Waist coats are for sharp dressers. From sporting a casual look to dressing for a party, you can create several looks around this versatile clothing piece.. If you want to be bold try a playfully printed pocket square.
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2. Suspenders

These are for those of you who are a fan of minimalism.  Suspenders are affordable, easy to wear and a fun addition to your wardrobe. If you want to look sharp at an upcoming party, standout at a formal event, add some flair to your dance function or spice up your causal clothing; suspenders can be your new best friends. For a great look, wear suspenders  with a relatively lose outfit and add a semi butterfly bow tie for an extra dash of expression.
If formals isn’t your thing, don’t worry because you can wear suspenders with casuals as well.
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3. Denim Shirt and White Jeans

This is the perfect outfit for all you urban style icons.
Wearing white jeans in style can be challenging and many people fear that they won’t be able to pull of the look. The best way to style a pair of plain white jeans is to add only one colour. This outfit is amazing for summers. To personalize this outfit and make it more peppy, you can wear a neutral coloured tee shirr under the denim shirt and keep it unbuttoned. Pair this outfit with white/brown leather shoes or simply with loafers depending on the occasion. This is one of my favorite outfits for an outdoor lunch party in the summers.


4. Blazer

If you love fusion, blazers are your bestfriends.
To achieve the semi casual look, go for a pair of jeans with a blazer. This is an absolutely classic combination which is difficult to go wrong with. For a laid back and casual vibe, pair a white tee shirt with a blue blazer. To further compliment the look, add a pair of rugged black jeans and white sneakers to the outfit. You can wear this combination to almost any party as it is the classiest and most versatile look of all.
Fashion is what you buy but style is what you do with it, so I hope you’ll rock the floor with these uber cool looks.  I hope you love this post it will help somewhere.
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