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Dates can be overwhelming. But when done right, they can be amazing and often lead to great relationships. Consider this your dating playbook, with all the dressing up information you need to survive the dates and make sure there’s a another one coming.

So streamline your focus into making the moments count with these outfit ideas depending upon your date type:


The strolling date

A first date with your partner could be a day out. Embrace it with the feel of nature and positive vibes. An outing always promotes personal companionship and ensures that you both communicate. Keeping your girl’s attention towards who you really are, it is important to keep your attire simple to avoid distractions. A blue denim jeans never goes wrong paired with a white t-shirt. Keep it casual and comfortable with white sneakers and contrasted unbuttoned shirt. Wearing shades can act as a cherry on cake to complete your look.


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 The lunch date

Lunch dates can become a powerful ritual that you both look forward to; a break from the rigors of work and life to create happy and positive memories. A ‘Gentleman look’ can never fail you to grow up your bond. Time to pick up your printed shirts. Remember to choose day colors to compliment your personality along with the ambience. The contrast between the print’s color and your bottoms should somehow match. A shirt with single color prints is ready to go as it is a lunch date and not a beach party. Loafers add spunk to an ankle length chinos. Though, navy blue chinos goes ever green with the whites.

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Dinner to go

Wuhu The date night! As much exciting it sounds, it is equally panicking. Stop standing in front of your wardrobe trying to decide if a shirt would be too formal or a denim, too casual. With no further doubts, pull out the blacks. As dark as the night, keep your look shady but always in control. Pair it with lighter bottom. What better pair with a black than a grey? Grey trousers and chinos always compliments black and add a contrast to it for a perfect dinner date in night. Add a little spark to your look by wearing a metallic watch with unfolded sleeves this time. Let black speak for your personality.

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Movie date

A movie date is more on the casual side, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress well. Opt for something dressy while still being casual. Don’t place much focus on dressing to please your date. If you feel comfortable in your clothes, you’re more likely to exude confidence on your date. An informal shirt is something to go for with a black jeans. Colors like olive green, navy blue and grey are always ready to go. These colors are must haves in your wardrobe and helps to keep the look more basic to go.



Pick up these styles to add an iconic presentation to your identity and let your mate cherish every moment she spent with you. Make your date a memorable one and stay tuned for another blog. Don’t forget to share your views through comments .

Keep growing, keep loving


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