What’s up everyone? I hope you guys are doing great. How this valentine’s week had
treated you? Hope many of you had already found the love of your life and those who
are still looking for their perfect partner, just enjoy your life and keep working on
yourself to get better.
Today I am back with another blog " ethnic lookbook for the wedding season". "ETHNIC "
what strikes your mind first? Is it about some wedding or some festival? Wedding!
right? The Same thing popped up in my mind too.

India is known for its diversity all over the globe. Ethnic clothing is just one of the things
that distinguish one part of India from the other. The traditional Indian attire has earned
admirers from people from all over the globe. The craftsmanship with which artisans
create traditional dresses is really incredible.  As every state in India is geographically
different from the other, this has given rise to varied kinds of dresses and styles.
Today in this blog I will cover the best of the ethnic look for the wedding season to
come, so without wasting much of our time let’s get started.

Indo-western is the perfect fusion of designs to make you look regal. It is designed to
suit every conventional occasion and festival. Comprising of highly detailed embroidery
and intricate work makes it suitable for occasions like wedding.
Indo-western clothing, as the name suggests, is a fusion of Western style and South
Asian clothing. With the advent of the European powers in India, Western style of
clothing met Indian elements in the form of garments, patterns, and style. Indo western
outfits effectively combine the comfort of western wear with the traditional familiarity
making it suitable for everybody.


The word Kurta implies a traditional piece of attire. It can be a loose fitting shirt, usually
of knee-length or longer. Characterized by its comfort, Kurta is known traditional wear,
traditionally popular all over South Asia. Traditionally worn with dhoti, pyjama, salwaar
or a lungi. The Manyavar Kurtas are classic outfits, which are complete crafts of
simplicity. The Kurtas are one of the few attires which can be worn in any season. Make
the right choice to look distinguished at special occasions like weddings and festivals.
Tailored Kurta sets to fit your size and amp up your elegance quotient. Be it flamboyant
red or princely blue, for your special occasions like weddings and festivals.


Make the right choice to look illustrious and acclaimed at this wedding. Choose any
look from this blog and just make your wedding game more strong. This is all for today.
Hope you guys loved this blog. I will be back soon with another blog. Till then


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