Hello everyone, this is Abhay Alok
What I do — I am an engineering student. I am quite passionate about style and fitness.
Why I started blogging — I believe in the potential of my ideas and want to share it with the common mass. My blog focuses on fashion as well as fitness, all of it based on researches done on authentic sources available with respect to the genre, Fashion is about what you wear and how you wear so I will provide you with the idea to pull out the best possible outfit for a particular occasion, which can appear as decent and captivating. I will be sharing my experience so that you can enhance your own style. Nowadays, fitness and good physique have become a significant norm for self-confidence. We shouldn’t just pledge to be fit, we should make it a habit, that can only be achieved through consistency.
Stay tuned and do visit my blog for various fashion and fitness hacks and please review and suggestions are most welcome about my blog that you can personally mail me.